Eric Gee

Thank you Eric Gee for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.


Eric Gee is a Writing and Life Coach.  He has administered personality-based life coaching for more than twenty years. He has built a successful education company that used his personality typing method to better the lives of more than twenty thousand students, parents, and teachers. As the creator of Youtopiaproject and the Youtopia16 assessment, more than half a million users have benefited from his teachings since the website’s creation in 2016.



The Power of Personality is a modern guide that can help people better understand what they really want out of life. His book is an accumulation of decades of research and application. He has personality-typed over fifty thousand people during his career, which is no small sample size.  The test can shine a light on what jobs one should really consider to be fulfilled at work. People who read the book will clear up those lingering personal questions such as where to attend college or who to date and so much more.

Eric will be sharing the four main packs of people. They include: Gatherers, Hunters, Shamans, and Smiths. There are 4 animals within each pack.



Eric’s Takeaways.

“I wrote this book because I want to help people. Everyone I help has asked how they can learn more about who they are. Questions like “why someone chooses a career, what you want in a life partner, who are your real friends, and how to better understand everyone in our life are all part of my mission in life and my book helps people get the answers they are looking for.”

In Closing.

When you visit his Youtopiaproject website, scroll down and you will see a personality test!  Try it out and see what you will learn about yourself!  Just incase you are wondering, I am an Elephant!!! What are you?

Tune in to hear his story!

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