Loren Stephens

Thank you Loren Stephens for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. 

Meet Loren.

Loren is the President of Write Wisdom and Bright Star Memoirs.  Her personal essays and shorts stories have been published in numerous literary journals and newspapers.

Write Wisdom.

Write Wisdom provides professional ghostwriting services.   They can help you fashion a readable and compelling book through an organized process. In doing so, they will take you from the desire to tell your story to a completed manuscript and published book.

Maybe you want to explore your entire life, a particular adventure, unique accomplishment, or a recovery from a personal tragedy.  Or, perhaps you want to write an easy-to-understand handbook about a seemingly complex field.  Write Wisdom gives you the tools to overcome creative blocks and ensures that you cross the writing finish line.

Bright Star Memoirs.

Bright Star Memoirs serves the unique criteria and requirements of the entertainment and sports community. They have extensive experience complying with NDAs, and operate with the utmost discretion in their work with celebrity clients.  In doing so, her Bright Star team guides these luminaries to translate their life experiences, career highlights, and stories into a spellbinding memoir.


Her debut historical novel All Sorrows Can Be Bone was published in hardcover in 2021 and in paperback in 2023.  The novel is loosely based on her husband’s Japanese family.  The book’s heroine is his mother whose name in the book is Noriko Ito.





Loren’s Takeaways.

“Perfection is the enemy of the writer.  Just start and don’t worry if you get everything exactly right.  That’s what’s editing is for. There are many different ways to get your book published.  Find someone who knows the landscape who can help you navigate your options.  If you think that you’ll abandon your book, hire a book coach, an editor, or a ghostwriter to take you across the finish line. And one extra:  If you are worried that you might be divulging family secrets, you might want to write your book as a novel or “based on.”  That’s what I did because many of the characters in my novel had passed away!”

In Closing.

Consider this, have your friends and colleagues urged you to write your own memoir or novel?  Loren will be telling us about the writing process she goes through to help share the stories of her clients to find the “golden nuggets” that make for a fascinating read. She will also, be sharing three of the most important tips that she recommends to her clients and authors when they embark on their memoir journey.  As a result of all her experiences, Loren may be the starting point for you to write your own story!

I look forward to sharing Loren’s stories with you.  

You may have a book already in your mind just waiting to hatch!

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