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Give Me A Ticket For An Aeroplane!

I meet so many interesting people when I travel.  It usually starts on the airplane.  Yes, it’s me, Chatty Cathy. My disclaimer…I know when someone wants me to shut up, okay. If it is a one sided “interview” I know to be quite!

On the first leg from LA to Chicago, I sat with a husband and wife.  They were on their way to Cornell University to celebrate their daughter’s MBA graduation.  She was excited to share her story beginning with her life in Egypt to living in the US for the past 35 years.  I learned all about her family, her son the Pharmacist to her daughter becoming a Veterinarian.  This was a very early flight and neither of us had much sleep from the night before, but it didn’t stop us from sharing our life adventures.  Her husband was sound asleep, as were most of the other passengers.

I can talk and take pictures. Love the view of the mountains.  Too bad there isn’t enough snow to provide the runoff we need.

You know I am of the strong belief that with a little bit of chatting with anyone, we will soon discover how we are “related”.  In the case of the lady in the middle seat, here was our connection.

The plane is taxing towards our takeoff runway; I tell her that the sights out the window are my hometown, Westchester; the golf course, Otis College, the streets near my house.  She looks at me and says, “I live in Westchester, too”.  What?  “I live by little Von’s”. This is a full flight.  I am in row 24 of 27.  What’s the likelihood a total stranger heading east lives just a few blocks from me?

We finally stopped talking after about 2 hours and decided we could use a little nap.  Good thing because I had one more leg to get to Manchester, New Hampshire and who knows how long I’ll talk with the next unsuspecting soul!

Chicago, Chicago that toddlin town!

We said our goodbyes..I’ll be looking for Evelyn in the market when I get home.

I have about an hour between my connection.  Took the long trek from one side of the airport to the other, great little exercise. I take a seat to wait for my next flight, when I notice a very tall young man, I’m talking a true 7 footer, wearing the University of Arizona basketball shirt and shorts!

Here I go again!  I go right up to him and ask the question I already knew the answer to.  “Excuse me, but do you play for U of A?” Of course he does, I recognize him.  He’s their center.  Welp, if you know anything about me by now, that was all it took to get the ball bouncing!

I’m yammering away when he mentions, “What letter is your boarding pass?” It’s B 39, he’s B 31 perhaps we should get on the plane before the doors close! This isn’t the first time I’ve found myself late to my own boarding process.  I knew he would need an aisle seat, imagine being that tall, and trying to be comfortable.

I’m attached to his hip as we make our way to the back of the plane.  Kaleb is going home to spend sometime with his family, before heading back to Arizona.  He was so happy to be going to New Hampshire.  It’s so green, so many trees, not the desert landscape of Tucson.  The man sitting next to meet was complaining, way too many trees for his liking! Really?  How is that possible?  The man two rows ahead of us wearing a U of A hat said, “I need to take your picture for my daughter” to my new 7 foot friend.

For the next two hours, we connect on so many levels.  What an outstanding young man.  Not only is he an exceptional basketball player, and likely to be the captain of his team, he is very focused on his education.   He’s a pre business major with his next goal to be in the business college. Just so happens, my son is an advisor in the Eller Business College, at U of A.  “Here’s his card. I’m sure he would enjoy meeting with you”. And to top it off, he’s Polish!  So we finish talking about our favorite Polish food!  What a great way to start the day, with my new found friends!!

We land and continue to laugh and talk as we exit, he wanted me to meet his dad. In the only Polish I can remember, I said to his dad Yac Syemash! That’s a friendly hello for us!  Butch’s mom would have been so proud of me!

Wait for the next installment, my ride to the Inn with my good friend and jewelry maker, Peter!  I love my life!!