My Inn Kin!

You may wonder what is it about my constant visits to the Inn on Newfound Lake? How did this love affaire start with a girl born and raised in Los Angeles?

Here is the back story.  After Butch retired in December of 2007, we decided it was time to travel to New England.  I had heard about the “leaf peepers” and I wanted to be one of them!

We spent a glorious two weeks that started in Boston, up the Maine coastline stopping in Portland, Bar Harbor (pronounced Baa Haa Bore) up into northern Maine, at Moosehead Lake, into Vermont, at Stowe and Woodstock, down to North Conway and Bridgewater, New Hampshire where the Inn on Newfound Lake is located and finishing up with a few days in Boston.

We had a terrific time seeing the beauty of Fall in New England.  Unfortunately, one never knows when the road of life hits a giant pothole.  Five months later Butch left this world, a happy content man that had no regrets!

I have incredible friends that truly enrich my “new normal” life.  Knowing that my friend from Junior High and High School owned the Inn with his partner, I reached out to them and said that I would feel safe and content traveling alone to their piece of New England paradise.

Thus begun my yearly trip in the Fall, that over time, morphed into seasonal adventures.  I’ve had the opportunity to be here for all 4 seasons; the Winter snow, the Spring blooms, the Summer’s on the porch and my favorite Fall foliage.

Over these extended stays, I have become part of another group of wonderful friends, that are part of my new family…The Inn Kin!

Now when I come here, I’m an official member of the Wild Hare Tavern crowd, or what we all unofficially refer to as the Cheers Bar, where everybody knows your name. The Tavern as well as the Pasquaney Restaurant are located at the Inn.

I am in my element!  Born To Talk, is my idea of a perfect day, and the opportunities are endless!  Not only have the regulars become my vacation friends but I’ve meet wonderful travelers from all over, just passing through.

Everyone has a story to tell and I’m interested in knowing what they’re all about.

My friend Peter is a jewelry designer; his one of a kind pieces are part of my everyday wardrobe.  Ensemble dressing is just my personal style.  I have purchased so many necklaces, and now he makes earrings as well, that I needed a  better way to protect them, and at the same time, a convenient way to see them.

Enter yet another friend named Peter, that designed a jewelry cabinet in between the studs of an existing cabinet in my bathroom!

This is the result, using a peg board with removal and adjustable hooks! Shelves hold the little boxes for the earrings!  Brilliant! The empty areas are because those necklaces were packed for travel.

I’m pretty sure it’s time for some new editions!  Peter has entirely new designs that need to follow me home!

Due to the close proximity to Massachusetts, many of my Inn Kin family, have a home and work around the Boston area, and then another home around Newfound Lake.  I enjoy their company and their stories!

Finally, each trip to the Inn brings something or someone new and exciting to my life.  This trip is no exception.  Because of some beautiful pictures of the New Hampshire Fall colors posted on Pinterest last year, I sent a friend request on Facebook to the lady that took those pictures.  Little did I know we would become fast friends with so many things in common!

Thanks to Facebook with our continued shared interests, she and her husband met me here for dinner this week! We had such a great time chatting as if we’d known each other for years!  I believe she too was Born To Talk!  We took turns! Just a blonde version of me!  Oh what a life!