Gloria Hass

Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on June 27th, from 1-2 PT is Gloria Hass.


Gloria has self-published over 20 books covering both fiction and non-fiction and is an Amazon International Bestselling and Award-Winning Author.

Being a Forensic Visionary has always been second nature to Gloria. When she was younger, she couldn’t understand why other people didn’t share her experiences or understand them. It wasn’t until she was an adult did she find people with similar experiences and gifts. Gloria has helped the police and people find their lost loved ones.

Gloria is very involved in many activities and she does all of this while dealing with Post-Concussion Syndrome.  What is this exactly and how does she cope with it on a daily basis?

The Dick Jorgensen Murder.


Her book is about Jeanette Bauer who works with her father in his private investigator business. She helps solve active and cold cases through supernatural psychic means. “The Dick Jorgensen Murder” is how she solved the crime when no evidence was left behind when an abandoned car was found and Dick Jorgensen went missing.

Where do her ideas come from?  How does being a visionary play a part in her storyline?






Do you like murder mysteries?   

Tune in to hear her story.


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