Heather Hansen

Thank you Heather Hansen for joining me today on my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. It’s always interesting how I meet my guests and Heather is no exception.  Thanks to a Facebook group Bird Brains, we became connected.  If you love birds, you will want to check it out.

In the beginning.

Heather grew up and continues to live in Tehachapi, a city within Kern County in California. Her parents had an Ostrich ranch. She loved them and enjoyed everything from riding them as a child to watching them in the incubation stage.  Little did she know, that it set the early stage for her book about Benny the Ostrich.   Heather and her husband Jareth have 2 kids. George, 5, and Elizabeth, 3.  She was a preschool teacher and now is homeschooling George.  At the same time, she is taking college courses to receive her teaching credential.

No Ants Please.

It was so much fun to hear about her first children’s book,  “No Ants Please.”

I love how she wrote about Benny the Ostrich as he travels the wilds of Africa. Her story is delightful for parents and children as Benny encounters new animals, and learns about what their favorite foods are along the way.

You will hear how this book was developed and how her written words, with the assistance of her editor,  was connected to the illustrator, Aleksander Jasinski. That was a defining moment for Heather. Now her story can be told in words and illustrations.

In closing.

What is keenly important to Heather is the experience of reading with children. She involves children when she reads with them. I encourage you to visit her websiteNotice all her links.  Would you like to hear her read stories?  Check out her Youtube Channel.  She even has downloadable coloring pages.

Think back to your childhood or that of your children, reading was truly a connection.

Do you have a favorite book you read to your kids?

The story, No Ants Please, is destined to make happy family times.

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