If These Birds Could Talk

I often wonder what goes on in the mind of my feathered friends.  How do they know where I live? How do they know when it’s time to eat each day?  How well do they see and hear?

Oh I suppose Google has the answer to these questions and so much more.

Let’s start with the Cooper’s Hawk. He/she has been a constant visitor these past few weeks. I think its body language suggests that everyone should be on alert!Like this Yellow-rumped Warbler. Thanks Russ Stone for the ID!These Mourning Doves are always on heightened alert!I’m sure this Mockingbird is using its tail as a rudder to keep balanced on the high wire, while it figures out when to come to eat.Guess it worked.And just in case you are wondering if there are ever migrant birds that must be talking about stopping by for a bite to eat…check out this Yellow Oriole, I believe it’s making a call.Guess it worked.  The next thing I knew my favorite Black Hooded Phoebe showed up.Not everyone is as petite as Phoebe.  As I’ve mentioned, I do have the constant company of the crows, much to my neighbors chagrin.  They are noisy: I understand but watch the soaring that goes on to protect the yard from Mr. Cooper!How else can the little brown birds have a chance to eat? This shot cracks me up. Almost looks like it’s had a face transplant!Now we’re talking.  You’ve heard of people, especially women that are known in their communities as the “cat lady”. I suppose in my community, I’m known as the “bird lady” just not from Alcatraz.

No story about birds could be complete without my favorite!  I have no idea what it’s saying other than, perhaps, thanks for the water!