Bahar Ansari, Attorney and Co-Founder Case.One

Today’s Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, with Attorney, Bahar Ansari, was informative about the legal profession and how she is making a difference using today’s technology. 



Thank you, Bahar, for sharing your community resources with our listeners.  Your experiences have provided us with useful information. I was fascinated by why you started both of your companies, Case.One and 2ndlaw.

I can appreciate the time-consuming paper side of the law in a much different way. It makes sense to streamline these processes. 

It must also be so intimidating to even know what questions to ask when someone is seeking legal help. While they may know what the goal is, how to reach it could be very challenging. That’s where you and your companies come in.

I had no idea that Artificial Intelligence could play a big part in your industry. We may know about asking Siri or Alexis a question, I was intrigued by how you are using AI in your profession.  Thank you for explaining how your profession is evolving. I appreciate how innovative you are and dedicated to what you believe in.

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I hope you enjoyed listening to Bahar’s story. Maybe you have a story and a passion for your life?   

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