Istanbul Not Constantinople

Just how long does it take to travel from California to Turkey?  Wish I could tell you it’s a blink of an eye, but instead it’s 12 plus hours.One moment it’s Thursday evening and then it’s Friday evening as we landed in Istanbul.Istanbul’s population is 18 million, that’s 14 million more than Los Angeles.  On our first day out, the wind was howling and the temperature was in the low 40’s.  Where is everybody?Before heading over to the Spice Bazaar, we stopped at Taksim Square in the heart of the city. I’m on the lookout for the bird life.  This lady was selling bird seed for the local pigeons!

Picture the baker drizzling honey all over this delicacy!  Sweet!

One of the many Mosque’s.I caught one of the local seagulls flying over the Bosphorus waterway.Inside the bazaar we saw many stalls where the vendors sell their spices, dried fruit and lanterns just to name a few.

It’s time for dinner at Kosebasi, located around the corner from the Titanic Hotel, where we are staying.  I know what you’re thinking!  Rated “The Best Kebab Restaurant in Istanbul” according to Time Magazine and “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” by Zagat.The pita and my Saslik Kebap.  Barbecued slices of specially marinated beef and onion rings. This small plate was a side dish to go with the Kebab.

It’s bedtime. It’s  been a little weird training our body clocks to the 10 hour difference but we’re ready to explore the city tomorrow and hopefully the wind will relax and so will we!