Mickey Marraffino

Join me on my weekly Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. My live show will be heard on Monday, October 19th from 1-2PT with my special guest Mickey Marraffino.

Mickey and I are both members of the LAX/Coastal Chamber of Commerce.  As a result of that connection, I have invited her to join me on my podcast.

Here’s Mickey’s story.

Mickey grew up in Massachusetts, then moved to Washington DC, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The American University.

Mickey founded MickeyM Marketing because she realized that companies need marketing expertise but often don’t have the budget to hire a full-time marketing professional. Mickey’s intent is to become part of her client’s team to help build their community. She does this by developing clear messaging, consistent marketing, and exceptional customer experiences.  Her goal is to help you build a joyful community, a place where customers will be happy, tell their friends, and keep coming back.

MickeyM Marketing.

Her mission:  “Building Joyful Communities that encompass your business by developing consistent marketing with an emphasis on customer experiences.”

Creating Experiences.

Developing Relationships.

Maintaining Consistency.

According to Mickey, people crave the human experience and community now more than ever. Building a Joyful Community is based on trust, reliability, quality, and friendliness. MickeyM helps develop a system to communicate regularly in all forms of marketing, especially customer experience.

Her Formula:

Consistency = Conversion

“The cornerstone of advocacy is building trust and relationships with your community.  Early outreach efforts pay off with successful neighborhood and municipality alliances and consensus. Being open to listening and finding common ground moves successful projects forward and ultimately – builds joyful communities.”

As you can see, Mickey is about building relationships, one client at a time.  I can tell you, from my personal experience, she is an excellent listener. When you feel heard, it builds relationships and trust. That is what Mickey is all about.

In Conclusion. 

Mickey is also a consummate volunteer. Together with Soroptimist International, Friends of Redondo Beach Arts, Church of the Beach Cities, and Crown Jewel Club, she embraces community and joyful experiences in her work endeavors.   Yes indeed, Mickey will have plenty of stories to share about her WHY.

That’s WHY I do this each week!

Making the world a better place.  One Story at a time.
What’s Your Story?  Let’s talk!