Mara Schoner & Mark Yardas

Special thanks to my guests today, Mara Schoner and Mark Yardas. This show is all about how and why they started their directories Neighbor2Neighbor.

Since 2005 they have published directories of handpicked services for our neighbors who value the important contribution that small businesses and nonprofits provide for Angelenos.

Their original focus was providing a reliable directory for their readers, but their perspective expanded in 2008 with the financial crisis. They didn’t know if their little enterprise could survive and considered throwing in the towel. Then they started getting calls from N2N companies concerned they wouldn’t make it without the business they gained from their loyal readers. They have expanded their business as more and more people are looking for vetted recommendations

They discovered that they’d created something more than a directory. Neighbor2Neighbor is a community—one that has proven resilient over the years as they build on their commitment to their readers and handpicked services. 

This isn’t their only interest, you will hear about their Idyllwild Forest Health Project and the goals and mission: “To promote thriving local forests in the San Jacinto Mountains. By implementing ecologically sound and financially sustainable forest management practices, we will reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire, while producing green energy, strengthening the local economy and improving the community’s carbon footprint.”

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