Jennifer Waters

Thank you Jennifer Waters for joining me on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  Jennifer is a Licensed Acupuncturist & Light Therapist.


Throughout her career, Jennifer has worked with many people looking for common-sense approaches to health. She relies on lifestyle changes, nutrition, whole food nutrients & phototherapy to activate your capacity for healing. Jennifer creates customized protocols which adapt to your life.

After founding her practice in 1998, Jennifer took on roles as an acupuncturist at CNY Fertility and auriculotherapist at Helio Health. She supports practitioners looking to incorporate phototherapy into their practice through LifeWave International.

Our Podcast Topics.

We will start with the body, and how that affects our health and healing. Jennifer will be sharing the best modalities to heal ourselves.

The mind. How did Jennifer end up studying and practicing Zen meditation 30 years ago? How does she define karma and can we change our karma?

Lastly, the spirit. What is one thing that we can do to really expand our view and consciousness?

In Closing.

Jennifer has dedicated her life to the causes of health, emotional freedom, and so-called spiritual development for over 30 years.  Here is an interesting thought:

Jennifer’s Takeaways.

Jennifer has a lot to say about Buddhist practice, emotional freedom, what karma really is, and how all of this affects your daily life and health. She has practical advice based on her personal tales of resilience and overcoming inner and outer obstacles.

   “It’s what you do every day that matters most.”

Tune in to hear why.


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