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Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on May 16th, from *12-1 PT is Vera Oyé Yaa-Anna. *Please note the time change.

Meet Vera.

Vera affectionately known as Auntie Oyé is a Liberian-born acclaimed master storyteller who transports her audience to West Africa through interactive storytelling. She is the Founder/Executive Director of Oyé Palaver Hut, a twenty-five-year-old established cultural arts organization. Auntie Oyé integrates storytelling performances with the culinary arts to focus on physical and emotional wellness. She tours nationally and internationally presenting her dynamic programs that include high-energy African dance and the traditional djembe drums. This energetic cultural educator’s performances are designed to celebrate diversity. She is a four-time DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities Fellowship Program recipient.

Oyé Palaver Hut.

OPH is a nonprofit organization that provides cultural arts education programs for children. The core of their offerings is found in the Programs & Workshops section on their website. They include storytelling, music, dance, and nutrition education. Their programming integrates research-based therapeutic art practices, diverse learning styles, and social skills.

It is also their purpose to educate through a holistic, and creative curriculum. The results are seen as they entertain through performances that deepen intercultural understanding. OPH is a year-round in-school, and after-school. They also offer summer camp cultural arts education workshops for ages 5-16 years old. Their unique programming has been designed to nurture joy, create excitement, and catalyze creative, physical, social-emotional, and intellectual development.

These photos show the fun they have!


In closing.

OPH participants are diverse. They include children as young as age three, people with disabilities, the elderly, cancer patients, and caregivers. Along with youth involved with the justice system, substance abusers, inmates, ex-offenders, and homeless individuals. OPH engages in a range of therapeutic art practices in holistic interaction. Through their workshops, programs, and performances, they strive to facilitate opportunities that celebrate the creative human spirit and illuminate joyful possibilities through the arts.


Can you feel the joy?

Tune in to hear about all the wonderful opportunities she provides to her community.


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