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Not only will you feel for him as he describes the worst thing that ever happened to him. That event led him to decide to follow his dream. He succeeded beyond all expectations: he played the lead in a film released by Lionsgate and after it bombed critically, he reinvented himself and arranged upwards of $600 million in film financing deals with two major motion picture studios and one mini-major studio, only to have the financing collapse.  Jordan failed to the point of near bankruptcy and was at the same time a new father.


He wrote the book, Failure: When You Have Nothing You Have Everything because his experiences over the past 19 years are his most valuable asset. We live in a society where people often talk about taking certain steps in their lives but never do so because they are either afraid to lose, or they are otherwise held back by fear of overcoming whatever perceived obstacles are a part of their life.  It is about understanding the price of success and the process of finding meaning in your own life.

Jordan’s view on how to gauge success is straightforward: “You need to look at someone’s character when they lose, as it shows you everything. One’s strength is measured by how hard of a hit one can take.”

Jordan’s Takeaways.

“If you want to achieve high levels of success, then you need to master handling high levels of pain and discomfort.

The key to success in life is to fully accept and understand that life is incredibly challenging and often painful. Going through the pain and discomfort is how you achieve growth. You need to be able to face challenges and go through them to build self-esteem and confidence. Many people have been taught the opposite. They have been taught that life is “supposed” to be a certain way and that you are “supposed” to be happy. That is not correct and it will only lead to disappointment.

While it is true that we all strive for happiness.  That is a pursuit and life is often full of times when we are not happy, which is normal. Life is full of many emotions other than happiness. The point is that you can only generally achieve fulfillment by facing challenges.  But not by distracting yourself with material possessions and other nonsense that does nothing other than give you a calculated hit of dopamine.

Ultimately, the more success you achieve, the more challenges you will face. Your approach to those challenges is what will govern your sense of fulfillment. While happiness may be fleeting and it is certainly worth pursuing.  The key is to seek fulfillment, which is achieved through facing challenges head-on.”

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