Jordan Matthews

Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, July 18th from 1-2 PT is Jordan Matthews.

Jordan’s Background.

To start with, Jordan is married. They have a young daughter and son. If you asked him, he would tell you that his greatest lesson in life has been becoming a father.  And by being a dad, learning how to develop the patience that is often required. One thing he has learned is how to handle the never-ending challenges and sources of many lessons.

Professionally, Jordan is a business trial lawyer and litigator with broad experience in the entertainment industry and business community. He currently serves as lead counsel on multiple matters throughout the country. Currently, he is actively litigating matters in California, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Jordan handles matters in federal and state courts and has experience handling administrative proceedings with the California Labor Commissioner.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Jordan spent nearly a decade as a film finance executive and producer. He raised the capital to fully finance his first feature film, which was then sold to a mini-major motion picture studio and licensed to various international distributors.


Jordan has written a book soon to be released this October.   “Failure: When You Have Nothing You Have Everything”  He will tell you that his experiences over the past 19 years are his most valuable assets. We live in a society where people often talk about taking certain steps in their lives.  According to Jordan, they never do so because they are either afraid to lose, or they are otherwise held back by fear about overcoming whatever perceived obstacles are a part of their life.  He explains in his book that it is about understanding the price of success and the process of finding meaning in your own life.  Failure is one important part of that.

So then, how did he become so focused?  He attributes his success to permanently losing all fear.  We will be talking about his definition of failure including his own experiences.  How can people turn failure into success?

In Closing.

The truth came to Jordan years ago while meditating following a yoga class.  He is now certified to teach Kundalini yoga. He calls it “forced growth,” finding out what you are made of.  Risk everything. Or gain nothing.  Oh, and cold showers are not his only secret weapon. They make him razor-sharp. And, unlike most people who are uncomfortable with chaos and cold showers, Jordan thrives on them.  Jordan holds nothing back and will share with us why he wrote this book and how it might help you!


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