JT & Debbie Moye

Thank you JT & Debbie Moye for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  JT &  Debbie are the co-creators of EC Kids. I also think that they are visionaries and heroes.

JT & Debbie.

As you listen to this podcast you will see what I mean about being visionaries and heroes.  They both bring their combined skills from Debbie’s background in child development and JT’s background in teaching kids gymnastics, dance, and musical theatre.




There is an inspiring story on their website about Edwin, a shy coworker of Debbie’s. How did she and a group of friends, family, and physicians help him scale back his weight of over 469 lbs?  This was the jumping-off point that let both Debbie & JT know, they were going to help people become healthier.  And they start with the kids.

Debbie refers to it as the “trickle up” from kids to parents.





What Makes Them Different?


Number one, they focus on the Child Development aspect of addressing each individual child.  Their “Learning Through Play” style of classes and camps work for groups of all levels and abilities. When kids first start their classes, JT & Debbie always have a new challenging Obstacle Course set up for them to tackle for 30-40 minutes. If you watch kids play, they will directly or indirectly tell you what they need help doing. It could be balance, strength, coordination, agility, speed, and confidence. JT mentions, that obstacles are not only physical but they can be mental.  Learning how to navigate both is an important part of their program as well.






It’s not only fitness, JT & Debbie also focus on the whole child.  That also includes good nutrition and healthy lifestyles, along with getting enough sleep each night.


In this original music performed by JT, you will hear why EC Kids believes every child is fully capable to DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE anything in life. They start with their individual levels and challenge them from there.

If you are a champion for kids then you already know that Everything Counts for all Kids. Listen to their educational songs that help kids learn and retain the information they can use in their daily life. It’s a powerful experience for a child, parent, and educator to see confidence develop right before their very eyes.

Check out their contact page to learn more.

Tools & Tips to have your Best Day Ever”  

“What we want people to know is that Kids are amazing and Parenting is sometimes hard. Based on our past experiences, education, environment, and support system, you only know what you know.  Don’t put too much pressure on being a parent. Every child is different and every parenting style is uniquely different based on the needs of your child.”


 Everything Counts for Kids. Where fitness meets entertainment!

Everything you Do, Say, Eat or Drink works FOR or AGAINST getting a healthy body.

Thank you for sharing your important stories for families to stay healthy.

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