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Thank you,  Mary Hewitt, Founder of Kollab Youth and Executive Director of the  Kollab Youth Workforce Development Program.  Thank you as well, Brian Barry. Brian serves as the Vice President on the Advisory Board.  My Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast highlights the wonderful work they are both doing.

Kollab Youth Workforce Development Program.

Strong economies hinge upon youth having the skills they need to secure meaningful, well-paid work.
Their Kollab program helps young people succeed in jobs, entrepreneurship, and ongoing career learning. They build their programs to better connect young people with mentors, training providers, and employers.

They emphasize soft skills as a means to employment and advancement. To start with, they specialize in using tools and coaching to enrich training for youth with an online curriculum and skill-building.  Couple that with, mentorship, leadership, certification, and career exploration.  Then add paid internship and apprenticeship placement.  Kollab focuses on trades and college and also emphasizes a lifelong pursuit of learning.  At the same time, they provide economic and income mobility. Not only do they have dedicated mentors but they also provide master class presentations.  Think back to when you began your career, what would have been helpful for you?



The KollabKwiz was designed and created specifically for The Kollab Youth Workforce & Career Development Program. By completing a short quiz, they will discover their personal strengths, weaknesses, attributes, tendencies, and more.


When you visit their website, you will see many opportunities for youth to get a better understanding of their skill sets.  This is why KollabKwiz was developed.



Mary & Brian’s Takeaways

Kollab provides skills that today’s students need in order to succeed in tomorrow’s economy and to provide a talent pipeline of prepared employees for Los Angeles companies.

They offer companies sponsorship, field trips, mentorship, youth engagement, presenting their youth and special sessions, data from their youth, and information as to what is important to them.


In summary, perhaps you have the desire to support these high school students.

Their next Session is scheduled for April 25-June 3

Have you ever considered being a mentor? Do you have questions?  Contact Mary for more information.


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