Manda Kalimian

Manda Kalimian will be my guest on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, March 4th from 1-2 PT.

Manda Kalimian is the Founder and President of Rewilding America Now. This is a 501(c)3 leading rewilding initiatives for horses, humans and habitats.  For over a decade she has worked to rewild America’s wild horses and land to promote environmental and climate sustainability.   Through Rewilding America Now, Manda has not only raised awareness of issues surrounding America’s wild horses and environmental destruction but she’s also worked with lobbyists for years to create sustainable policy initiatives in DC for wild horses. Are you wondering what does “rewilding” means?  It is a form of environmental conservation and ecological restoration with species that are native to an area.  

Rewilding America Now.

When Manda began her mission to help America’s wild horses, little did she know the challenges ahead would redefine everything she understood about who she thought she was.

It has been a struggle to rescue wild horses from a program fraught with bureaucracy, controversy, and the potential to erase the legacy of these beautiful creatures from a land that depends on their very existence. With this journey, Manda joins forces with new friends in the Native American community. They are all  dedicated to restoring the wild horse to its natural environment through the process of rewilding.


Manda is the author of Born to Rewild: Triumphs of a Now Fearless Woman. This book is an inspirational and passionate story of one woman’s dedication to conservation and the rewilding of America’s truly native wild horses.

She is fully committed to changing the world by championing the practice of rewilding. This book shares her remarkable journey so far and her plans for the future. We live in a time of crushing change and unrest. The world is at a turning point, and we with it. Our individual lives and journeys are all interconnected. It is a moment in time to stop and listen to the voices within ourselves and what they are saying about our individual roles at this time. What can we do to ensure the health of our planet and civilization, as we know it? What will we teach our children, who will they be, and what are we leaving them?



In Closing.

The wild horse maintains, protects and helps to rebuild enviromental systems and allows other native spefies to thrive.  All working to keep nature in balance.  Their aim is to demonstrate its role as a keystone species.

 “When something so powerful and important resonates within,

it is our responsibility as humans to follow that voice and calling.”

This is one such story.

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