Manda Kalimian

Thank you Manda Kalimian for joining me on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  Manda is the Founder and President of the nonprofit, Rewilding America Now.

Rewilding is a key component for conserving ecosystems and habitats, and protecting native species critical to our survival.   Wild horses plays a key role in creating rewilding initiatives. Manda will telling us about how Rewilding America Now is connecting with Native American culture. Currently, Manda lives on her own 16 acre farm on Long Island, New York.  She works with animal rescue groups ranging from horses to goats.

Rewilding America Now.

This nonprofit is instrumental in helping create the rewilding language for Interior Appropriation budget bill.  Manda will be sharing what the initiativies are for horses and the environment. She spearheaded science backed education and research to create this legislation.  Did you know that wild horses are working against global warming to help solve climate change?

Manda will be sharing two of their projects in the Dakotas at Brownotter Ranch in South Dakota and at the Standing Rock Reservation.  Along with, Silbernagel Ranch in North Dakota.

Born to Rewild: Triumphs of a Now Fearless Woman.


Manda Kalimian is fully committed to changing the world by championing the practice of rewilding. This book shares her remarkable journey so far and her plans for the future. We live in a time of crushing change and unrest. The world is at a turning point, and we with it. Our individual lives and journeys are all interconnected. It is a moment in time to stop and listen to the voices within ourselves and what they are saying about our individual roles at this time. What can we do to ensure the health of our planet and civilization, as we know it? What will we teach our children, who will they be, and what are we leaving them?

Manda’s Takeaways.

“The reason we have Rewilding America is to give everyone a way to support the environment. Through my efforts we can all help to conserve and restore the North American landscape through rewilding initiatives.  When we focus on wild horses as a keystone species, we can become part of positive climate change.  Learning what horses in the wild do for environmental balance in turn helps us all restore biodiversity and sustainability for our planet.”

In Closing.

There is an exciting project that is about to open in the very near future. If you would like to connect and donate here is that link.



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