Meet Ina Buckner-Barnette, The Sunshine Storyteller

Join me for another episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, on Monday, September 24th from 1-2 PT with my guest Ina Buckner-Barnette.

I love how I came to learn about Ina. You’ve probably seen vehicles with signage on their cars, advertising something about their business, this is true for Ina.  I was on my way to park at Costco when I saw her car with a lovely photo advertising her website, The Sunshine Storyteller.  I must admit, I wanted to know more, so I followed her down the same aisle, and parked right across from her, and waited to say hello. It was friendship at first sight! She and I were meant to meet! I’m all about stories and who better than Ina, the Sunshine Storyteller!!

Ina Buckner-Barnette, The Sunshine Storyteller, fills each show with an exciting and often humorous mix of participatory international folktales, movement activities, songs, poetry, and personal stories. Positive, character-building stories with an interactive twist are her trademark. Regular venues include museums, libraries, schools, corporate events, community festivals, private parties and shopping malls from Barstow to San Diego.

Ina is a commissioned artist with the J. Paul Getty Family Storytelling Program, as well as, a member of the teaching artist faculty of The LA Music Center.  She’s an award-winning actress/video host/producer with over 17 years of major market production credits. She co-hosted the Emmy-nominated “City Works” show on LA City Channel 35 for 2 years and appeared in KOCE’s “Dollars $ense: A Guide to Personal Finance “ a PBS series for which she received her first Emmy.

If you are interested in hearing her great story, then you won’t want to miss this show.

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