Melody Bar And Grill

Does your community have a neighborhood bar, like Cheers where everybody knows your name? Well mine does and it’s been in operation since 1952. When it first opened it was simply the Melody Bar, today it is the Melody Bar and While there have been several owners since it first opened, I’m happy to introduce you to the current owners for the past 8 years.

Meet Christian Warren standing in the back of the bar.His partner is Bobby Hughes. You’ll have to watch the show to see what he looks like!

Like many businesses, “The Melody” as most people call it; has seen its share of changes. From a prominent steak house until the early 80’s when it became more of a sports bar. Lakers and Kings were frequently the customers adding excitement for the locals as well as the travelling public.

You may want to stop in for a drink along with a burger and fries like these guys!Maybe you’d like a booth. Yes, that is a tin ceiling! Check out their fine dining menu!Do you play pool?  Your table awaits you!You say you can sing? Join them for Karaoke! You can find the schedule on their website.

Located very near LAX, people from all over the world have enjoyed a great meal, a drink, some conversation and regular entertainment!

This photo was taken right in front of The Melody looking south on Sepulveda Blvd. you can see the LAX control tower on the right sideHave you ever thought about opening a restaurant? This show will give you some insights from the owner’s point of view.

And if that isn’t enough, they have additional businesses. Christian has a Pizza shop just down the street.

He’s also a partner in a brewery!

Not to be out done, Bobby is in the process of opening a Pizza Shop as well!

I’m looking forward to hearing what motivates these men and also how they give back to the community.

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