Michael Torres Jaimes & Deziree Slusher

The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast featured my guests Michael Torres Jaimes & Deziree Slusher. This show is filled with valuable information! Regardless of your age or circumstances, their background and passions come through loud and clear with the goal of living a productive, loving, kind and happy life.

Their Story.

Life wasn’t easy for this dynamic husband and wife duo, leading up to where both Michael and Deziree are today. Every one of us has a back story. They were very candid about their background and how those experiences lead them to this place in time. They have had struggles that you may not have experienced in your own life.  However, what resonates through this entire show is what they did to overcome those obstacles to live the purposeful, peaceful, mindfulness life they live and teach today.  Much like an onion, they help people peel back their life layers in order to move forward with a sense of purpose. 

Deziree shared some tips for goal setting.

  • Start with a visualization. 
  • What’s important and why?
  • Is it measurable?
  • Is it attainable?
  • Is it exciting?
  • Is it realistic?

One of the salient points she said was about taking an honest view of your life. Then taking charge in a purposeful manner to make the necessary changes. 

Michael shared.

He shares valuable information including his lifestyle of conscious, contentment in his daily morning and evening routine. Why does he feel this is important?  “Be a victor and not a victim.”  There is a scientific component the way our brain transmits and remembers experiences. As a result, we can do much more than we realize. 

The Takeaway.

For instance. Start by being truthful with yourself. If you find yourself contemplating the “what if’s” and the “how come’s” today or in your past, this show will provide you with information to be the champion of your life. Listen in to proven techniques that make them industry leaders.  In conclusion, if you or someone you know is taking their own personal inventory, this episode may provide a key to unlocking the door. Michael Torres Jaimes and Deziree Slusher, share their personal stories including setbacks and triumphs in this inspiring show.

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