Kristen Thomasino

Kristen Thomasino will be my guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on October 3rd, from 1-2 PT.

Meet Kristen.

She is a dynamo!

To start with, Kristen has been the Founder and CEO of Thomasino Media LLC since January 2021.  She had a dream of starting her own publishing company and turned it into a reality.   Believe it or not, this desire started ever since she was a little girl.  She has loved to create all kinds of content. Her unique experiences have inspired her to share her insights, art, & other creations. Check out her articles, art, photography, books, and her upcoming documentary series.

Besides, Thomasino Media, one month later, Kristen became the founder of Buddytown Consulting, LLC Chief Buddy Officer. Their services include public speaking, think tanks, networking, consulting, and system evaluations.


With all of Kristen’s life experiences, she learned that sometimes life can bring about unplanned events. As a result, she wrote her true story.

“This is my story of how I overcame severe fibromyalgia, brain fog, autoimmune disease markers, and full body weakness after falling down 15 feet of stairs. I have focused on my physical recovery for over 150+ weeks & have made phenomenal progress in recovering my forms abilities.”

Kristen has included select journal entries from her time in rehabilitation plus supplementary chapters about the top actions she took to invest in self-love.  Subsequently, she learned that sometimes life can bring about unplanned events.  Her intent in writing about her poignant experiences of her time suffering is to potentially help others think about looking at different ways of getting their health victory. In this case, she is the first to say that she does not have all the answers. Nor, is she a doctor.


In Closing.

Kristen is a Social Good Artist, she leads a very interesting life. She is a learning and adventure enthusiast and creates positive outcomes with her energy! 

  Tune in to learn more.


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