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Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on October 11th, 1-2 PT is Mike Murphy.

Let’s Meet Mike.

Mike Murphy grew up with an alcoholic father and an amazing mother, both of whom he is very grateful. His father is now 40 years sober, his mother, unfortunately, has gone too early from smoking cigarettes.

Mike was kicked out of school in the 8th grade and many more schools after that, becoming a habitual runaway and juvenile delinquent.  At age 24 he found himself in a 12-step meeting, broke in every way. He was divorced and depressed. At that time, Mike had a 2-year-old daughter that he saw only once a week.  It was at that meeting, a friend, said to him, “your life is a total mess, but I know someone who may be able to help.”

What came next?



Subsequently, connections develop when we least expect them.  This led to a meeting with the ‘Mystery Man” as Mike describes in his book “Love Unfiltered”  published in 2014.  The mystery man taught Mike a unique way to manifest his dreams.  Before he knew it, his life quickly began to change.  Mike became a very successful automobile dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 35 years.






During that time, it was in those car dealerships where he started teaching others what the Mystery Man had taught him which has since been published in 2018 in The Creation Frequency. We will be talking about manifesting. What does that mean?  How can you apply it in your life?


Living In Color.  A Love Story in Sickness and in Health.


Mike was living his dream life, or so he thought when it all changed in a blink of an eye. One random chance meeting in the year 2000 and his life was forever changed, especially his destiny, his heart, his soul, and his life’s work.  Mike chronicles this life-changing meeting and all that it has meant to his life in his new and very personal memoir called, Living in Color A Love Story in Sickness and in Health.

In his book, he tells the story of what an amazing woman his late wife Margot was and how her love changed his life. He shares her 9-year battle with breast cancer and the courageous attitude with which she lived each day of her life.

Mike also offers insight into the often-overlooked role of the caregiver. He shares his own struggles and unflinching honesty and humor.





Love from Margot Foundation.

In 2012 to honor his late wife, Margot, Mike founded the Love from Margot Foundation. It started with a visit with a single mom who also had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. This was his inspiration to start the Love from Margot Foundation. They provide low-income women, with advanced cancer, the resources they need for their healing and recovery at no expense to the Mountains Of Hope Retreat Center.

Their mission: “We strongly believe that the best way to defeat cancer and other limiting health conditions and addictions is through natural methods. For those that choose natural methods of healing and have limited resources, we sponsor them to undergo treatment protocols at Mountains of Hope holistic healing center, our sister organization in Colombia. By addressing the entire being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – we believe everyone can restore themselves back to natural health.”

Mountains of Hope Retreat Center.

The Mountains of Hope Retreat Center is also a Wellness Sanctuary, located in Medellin, Columbia, in South America. They offer holistic health solutions to the anxiety, stress, and numerous other challenges posed by the ever-changing world around us. Imagine a place where you can reconnect with your inner self and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit surrounded by nature. Their unique approach to wellness combines ancient Eastern healing traditions with Western medical research to achieve life-enhancing results.  The Creation Frequency is just one of the many healing protocols that guests can use to heal their body, mind, heart, and soul.


In closing, all proceeds from Living In Color will be donated to the Love from Margot Foundation.  In listening to our conversation, you will soon learn about the passion Mike has and why he is devoted to helping others.

Tune in to hear his story!

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