Mona Clayton

Thank you Nurse Mona Clayton, for once again joining me on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast!


Mona, MSN, RN has been a registered nurse for over 25 years.  While she was a nursing student, she found that being a single parent had many challenges. Finding childcare, ensuring that her daughter was successful in school, getting transportation to and from school and keeping up with extracurricular activities proved to be one of the most difficult obstacles.  She perserved!   Her passion for helping single mothers prompted her desire to develop programs useful to build future nurses; in particular single mothers from disadvantaged  communities.

Mona has been recognized  for her achievements for working to build the nursing community.  These include,  Recipient of “Nurse of the Year” for Los Angeles County Healthcare System. “Mayor’s Recognition Award.   National Super Phoenix for the University of Phoenix Organization.

Mona is also the Founder & Executive Director of The Nurses Pub a non-profit organization she started in 2018. Their vision is to decrease the nursing shortage by providing student nurses tangible tools to become successful future nurses!   One of their main goals is to give back to the community with innocvated events and out reach programs.  The also have scholarship fundraising and unique networking mixers to broaden awarenes about the nursing profession and to help with student nurse support.  This includes their annual Gala!



Check out their special guest from this year with keynote speaker, Stedman Graham. Also in this photo is Mona along with board members.

The Nurses Pub Club.

The Nurses Pub Club is an innovative way to provide the student nurse help and student nurse mentoring. They offer creative educational resources to meet you wherever you are in your nursing career. Membership is automatic when you join The Nurses Pub Club. Your membership will enhance your learning experience and offer a roadmap to success.

 Mona’s Takeaways.

“I would like the listeners to take away the fact that the nursing shortage is prevalent and we need to support upcoming nursing students to fill the gap. Being a nurse takes a multitude of skills; it may look easy but it is definitely a career that requires a strong knowledge base, skillset and a strong will. Support The Nurses Pub and its efforts to continue sponsoring students and to meet our goal to construct The Nurses Pub Resource Center.”

 In Closing.

Mona lives by this motto:  “Today is a great day to be great!”  Consider making it yours too!

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