Mona Clayton

Mona Clayton, will be joining me on The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, on Monday, February 12th 1-2 PT.

Meet Mona.

This beautiful smiling face may look familiar.  Mona will be joining me once again as we look at the remarkable work she is doing in the nursing field. Here’s a bit about her background.

Mona was a single parent during nursing school.  She felt the need to give back to help others with challenges that they faced while embarking on a nursing career.  Her passion for helping single mothers prompted her desire to develop programs useful to build future nurses.  In particular single mothers from disadvantaged communities.

In 2018, Mona became the Founder and Executive Director of The Nurses Pub non-profit. She began the outreach campaign, aiming to recruit 100,000 single mothers to the profession of nursing. The campaign has expanded from passionate students and single mothers living in the United States. And now includes  students in Africa, Asia, and most recently the Philippines.

The Nurses Pub.

Their Vision:  To build a global community of resource centers that serve 100,000 future nurses in need of Mentoring, Awareness and Scholarships and to be the change agent to increase the nursing workforce.

Their Mission: The Nurses Pub Mission is to provide charitable, compassionate services and resources to underserved student populations who need cultural capital and seek a pathway for professional and economic development through “The Art of Nursing.”

Above all, Mona saw the opportunity to expand programming to develop an all-inclusive platform for students who lack knowledge of what is needed to break into various medical professions.  Mona said, “When I attended high school, although I was a stellar science student, the counselor advised me to become a secretary.” She now considers her purpose to be guiding students like herself who grew up in the inner city environment to be a vehicle for change.

“The Nurses Pub Club is an innovative way to provide the student nurse help and student nurse mentoring. We offer creative educational resources to meet you wherever you are in your nursing career. Membership is automatic when you join The Nurses Pub Club. Your membership will enhance your learning experience and offer a roadmap to success.”

Nurses Pub Club After School Program.

In April 2022, in partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and HEET Community of Schools (HEET CoS), The Nurses Pub is delivering cultural capital to students through The Nurses Pub Club After School Program. Students who are interested in becoming a professional in any type of medical profession will have first-hand opportunities to learn the logistics for becoming successful medical practitioners.

From Sudent to Nurse.



A source of hope and encouragement, From Student to Nurse: Surviving The Journey as Painlessly as Possible,” As a result, this book will serve as a motivational tool for nursing students. Along with potential nursing students and individuals.   As a result, they may have never thought, in their wildest dreams, that they would be able to pursue or complete their nursing journey.

In Closing. 

The Nurses Pub has a great motto: Inspiring, Empowering and Developing Student Nurses.

Mona’s Nursing Pub is making a making a difference!

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