Murphy Witherspoon

Murphy Witherspoon will be joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on August 7th from 1-2PT

Meet Murphy.

Murphy Witherspoon is the Director of Recruitment at the Polk Institute and is an instrumental player within the Polk Institute.  Now he shares this information with his daughter when he says “The world is waiting for you.”

Murphy is also a Master Black Belt. Do you know means?  Master Black Belts are skilled in overseeing complex business processes, putting in place specialized programs in both small and large-scale businesses, and moving swiftly and fluidly between various organizational components.  You will hear how he applies these skills in business.

Murphy believes that the way companies survive is through change. Continuous change involves the entire team having a leadership attitude of “we can do this.” As a manager, he utilizes these leadership skills to win. As an entrepreneur, he has learned that training and executing leadership skills is a must to win.

Murphy is also a Toastmaster. In Toastmasters, he rose to fourth in the world of Toastmasters recognition. This is just another example of his excellent leadership skills.

Polk Institute.

As the Polk Institute Director of Recruitment, he’s in the ideal position to find and create the curriculum to train tomorrow’s social entrepreneurs. It’s truly a win, win, win, for Murphy, the entrepreneurs involved, and the Polk Institute.


In Closing.

“I’ve understood that change is like water, air, and food, you can’t live without it, you must embrace it.”  Murphy is a positive professional role model.  He has learned if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur, manager, technician, etc. it takes leadership.

Tune in to hear Murphy’s story!

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