Murphy Witherspoon

Thank you Murphy Witherspoon for joining me on the Born to Talk Radio show Podcast.  Murphy is the Director of Recruitment at the Polk Institute.

Murphy’s Podcast Recap

While I was Born To Talk, Murphy was  “Born to Win.” If I could rename him, it would be, “Mr. Helper”. That’s all I heard from him, helping people.

When Murphy meets at that fork in the road of helping people, he understands that the decision has been made, with only two options. Those options are seeking employment or entrepreneurship. He has helped people in their quest to be employed once again. And as he has shared it has accumulated into a web of challenges.

As an example, the experts share time again that 85% of job openings are hidden.  In the world of entrepreneurship, you have to learn how to develop a winning team. What is the road map to get there? The answer is the same for both finding that job market of 85% and building a dynamic team, which is to network. This concept of networking is nothing new, however, it requires work. And according to Murphy, this is where most fall short. At Polk Institute this skill is shared and developed.

Another looming factor that stands out, is interpersonal skills.  Without them, success is much more difficult.  Leaders understand the importance of getting a handle on knowing themselves. Can motivating others to act benefit them and others, the answer is, yes.

Polk Institute

In Murphy’s “artifacts and methods” of life, he has trained others in the world of Project Management Professionals that interpersonal skills are vital to winning on another’s playing field. Helping these Project Leaders, to-be, that all of these competencies within interpersonal skills creates winning environments for all. At Polk Institute, they raise the entrepreneur’s competency level which means, Polk is teaching them to win.

According to Murphy, “The common theme here is we help at Polk to build you so that you become successful. And that success spills over into People + Planet + Profits.”

In Closing.

What I have understood from Murphy is that his experience as a Master Black Belt has allowed him to win at a professional and personal level, The training of others within Project Management has permitted them to win on another playing field. He has helped others find employment, helping them with their resumes, mock interviews, research, and networking. Please contact Murphy directly at: for more information.

Murphy’s Takeaways.

“Born to win” is more than just a slogan, words, or something to toss around. It’s a way of life. When one has the mindset to win all things are possible. The best team wins on a professional and personal level. Building Teams at Polk Institute is what we do.  The common theme here is we help at Polk to build you so that you become successful. And that success spills over into People + Planet + Profits.”

Tune in to hear his story.

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