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Thank you, Nancy Spear, Owner of Nancy’s Tech Help for joining me on my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.

In the beginning.

Nancy was a stay-at-home mom with her 2 kids.  When they were old enough, Nancy went back to work. She soon realized she missed a whole tech revolution.

I asked Nancy, what advice would she have given her 21-year-old self? She said: “Big things are coming your way.” “You are going to work in technology.” “If I told you I’d be going to work in tech, you’d just roll your eyes!”  Nancy credits her dad for launching her into this new technology.  He had purchased an iPhone and needed help. After he had been waiting for some time on the phone, Nancy decided to accompany him to the Apple store. She worked with him and the Apple rep to answer his questions.  It was at that point she realized and began to appreciate the anxiety that older people felt about technology, whether it was their cell phones or computers.

Nancy’s Tech Support.


Back in 2015,  Nancy began her business.  In 2018, she was invited to the UCLA Public Health Department as a panelist on “Tech and Aging.”  On the panel was a Professor of Public Health, Investor, and Programer, along with Nancy, they called her a Technologist.  In 2019, Nancy was a participant with Apple Store Women in Tech.  Only two were over the age of 50.  Just recently, Nancy served on a Cybersecurity panel — four panelists, she was the only woman.  Now, Nancy is known as a trailblazer!


To help her clients, Nancy realizes that patience is a virtue.  Her clients are typically 70 and older.  She shares some stories about her 90-year-old clients. Everyone learns differently, so Nancy meets her clients where they are, emotionally and physically.  Because of the pandemic, she had to make some big changes. Ordinarily, she would have been sitting side by side helping her clients.  Now, she has had to use Zoom. The good news, she has helped people across the country that wouldn’t have been part of her style of business. She leaves them with written instructions that she reviews with them until they fully understand.

She helps, with everything they need to know about email, from sending to deleting and everything in between.  The importance of passwords and how to protect them.  How to avoid a suspicious email.  Nancy also will help her clients with social media, so that they can be connected via Facebook if they’d like.  How to do a zoom call, to see their family and friends.  What if they can’t get to the market, she helps them with apps that will deliver groceries. During these isolated times, this support is so valuable.   Her clients tell her that she is opening up a whole new world for them.

Nancy not only works with iPhone and IPad support but PCs, Macs, Kindles, and Jitterbugs.

If you are interested in seeing her KCET interview that really helped her launch her exposure due to the pandemic, you can follow this link.

In closing.

Nancy offered these basic tips.  Remember to back up your system.  Don’t have liquids around your computer unless they are tightly sealed. If you’re feeling frustrated, step away, take a deep breath, maybe take a walk, then come back and try again.

An app that Nancy highly recommends is iPhone Medical ID.  It’s a white square with a red heart. Enter your: medications, allergies, medical conditions, blood type, organ donor, and emergency contacts. Paramedics can bypass your passcode and go right to this info without seeing your credit card info, emails, etc.

In summary, not only does Nancy provide technical services, but they are accompanied by her sensitivity and understanding.  Not everyone learns the same way, not everyone has the same needs, but Nancy listens, and she helps what might start out as daunting, into a win-win!!

Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your passion with our listeners!

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