Nancy Spear

Joining me on August 9th from 1-2 PT on my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, will be Nancy Spear.

Let’s Meet Nancy.

Nancy is a native of Los Angeles and currently lives in Culver City with her family and big floppy dog!  I’m often asked how I find wonderful guests each week. In this case, Nancy and I are both members of our local Westchester/LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce.  I knew instantly she had a story to share!

Nancy’s Tech Help.

Nancy is the owner of Nancy’s Tech Help.  After years of working in customer service and computer software, Nancy realized she had a disposition for putting people at ease.  Working with older clients and then with her own aging parents, she knew older adults needed access to a patient tech teacher.

She sees clients who want to learn how to use their Macs & Pcs, iPhones, & iPads, and Kindles. Nancy patiently teaches them how to email, text, zoom, organize files, and more.  She leaves them with easy-to-follow instructions. She will see her clients until they are on solid ground without her.  Like many businesses, Nancy’s business was affected by the Pandemic. But it didn’t stop her from providing services to her client base.  In fact, in some way’s she was able to help older adults living in other parts of the country.

Her Services.

We all come to our personal knowledge of technology in different ways.  Some are expertly familiar with technology, while other’s not as much. Imagine, if you are older or have an older relative. How do you help them learn about today’s technology?

What may seem obvious about emailing and texting, may be more complex for someone that needs some help.  Nancy provides her clients with E-mail Fundamentals.  The knowledge to reply and forward emails. Attach a photo, and very importantly how to recognize fraudulent emails. That’s important for anyone! Have you ever responded to an email you thought was legit? What do you need to be mindful about?

iPhone Basics. How to make & answer calls. Learn how to swipe, and not press depending on what iPhone they have.  Check voice mail. Make a favorites list. Take and send photos and adjust the ring volume.

Internet Essentials.  Nancy will help her clients shop online safely and securely. Including, how to search the Internet and how to bookmark favorite sites.

Now, Everything is Zoom.  She helps her clients download and install Zoom.  Practice joining meetings. And what do all those icons mean!


What might make sense while she instructs her clients when she is sitting with them or zooming with them, may not make as much the next day. Nancy provides customized instruction Cheat Sheets with simple, easy-to-read instructions.

                                    I believe the services Nancy offers can reassure any adult that is just not tech-savvy. 

Tune in to learn more.

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