Natalie Siston

Thank you Natalie Siston for joining me on my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  Natalie is the founder of Small Town Leadership. Check out her YouTube as she shares her mission.


In the beginning. Did you ever wonder what life would be like living in a small town of 600? Natalie remembers exactly what that was like living with her parents and sister that is two years older.  This set the stage for who Natalie is today.  When she was 8 years old, she joined the 4-H club. How many of you are familiar with what they do? For Natalie, it wasn’t about the farm animals.  For her, she developed skills in sewing, cooking, and public speaking. There were always contests and Natalie baked oatmeal cookies to be considered in the judging.  Not only did she bake the cookies she had to teach and demonstrate this to an audience. Imagine her joy when she found out that she qualified for the State Fair. I’ll let you guess what place she won.

This was a defining moment for Natalie.  More than her baking, her public speaking became her passion. Along with her passion for speaking was equally her passion for writing.  Enter…Her Diary.  Dear Diary, how many of you can remember those words?  That’s how it started. Natalie has all of her handwritten in cursive diaries from age 8-25.  Can you imagine the memories collected??  Natalie went on to receive her college degrees at The Ohio State University, quite the departure from rural Republic, Ohio.  But her small town foundation was laid and remains.

You will hear about her cooperate world and why speaking up was so important to her. After choosing to leave her corporate life, the writer emerged.  In a matter of 3 months during this pandemic, she wrote 42,000 words. But, as she mentions it was 32 years in the making.

“let her out…Reclaim Who You Have Always Been”

Remember Her. Reconnect to Her. Remove Barriers to Her.

The book can be purchased on this link.  There are tons of resources available, including her Guide book, Book Club Guide, Intermission Template, and Barrier Buster Guide. When you hold the book in your hands and see how Natalie’s crafts her chapters, you will see how looking back at our lives helps us look forward. It’s equally important to know, that this book can be for men too, by simply replacing “him” for “her.”  In fact, she mentions some great tips on how to use the book. I think it might be fun to connect with my brother and see what he remembers.

I’m grateful to share this Podcast with you.  Here are some nuggets I learned from Natalie.  Especially now:

“Let her out, in a time when we all feel kept in.”  “Focus on the positive.” “Dreams are bigger than fears.”

   I think you will find Natalie’s Story, inspiring.

Making the world a better place.  One Story at a time.

What’s Your Story?  I want to tell it.

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