Now What?

Is it true? No more travel plans in June? What’s a suitcase to do?  Well, one thing for sure, while I may not be sitting on an airplane for a few hours, it hasn’t stopped my mouth from moving!

This blog has been a six month odyssey. Using my dictionary, (which has been epic), in these 6 months; odyssey…it’s any long journey, especially when filled with adventure. I guess I should mention that Odyssey is an epic poem. I’m so smart!  I used epic prior to looking that up in the dictionary, so this is a two~fer….epic’s first definition is pertaining to a long poetic composition. My point here, I’ve used this dictionary more in the past 6 months, then in the past 23 years since it was purchased!

I’m so literal, that causes me problems from time to time.  Therefore, while I know that Random House is a publishing company, it still cracks me up that a college dictionary can be random!

As I go back and read my old posts; it’s like a Dear Diary rendition of my life.  The difference is there is no key to lock the book; in fact it is just the opposite.

Social Media, specifically Facebook has become an intrical part of my life. So check this out, I seem to be full of information today.  I could not find the word intrical in the dictionary! I tried every which way to spell it and never successful.

What did I do?  I asked SIRI, of course I did.  What would we do without her?  Another, ah ha moment. Here is what I learned, because I guess today is all about learning!

“In the English language, as it is with most languages, words evolve into new words simply from mispronunciations or wrongful spelling.  Overtime, these slang words are given respect and added to the dictionary.  However, one such word is used quite frequently but is not a real word at all.  This word is “intrical.” Intrical has no definition, as it is a direct mistake of the word “integral.””

I wonder how long I will remember this? It’s funny to me how lazy I can be when I’m talking, not realizing that I am indeed mispronouncing words.  When you talk, it’s a little easier to sneak in the wrong word, but try and spell it the way you say it, is quite a different matter.

Honestly, I always that “next door” as in your neighbor, sounded to me like “nextstore”.

Imagine my surprise, when just this weekend, I realized that my blog posts, that I submit to Facebook for your reading pleasure had the wrong setting. I just didn’t realize that “public” is the only way you can help me spread the word.

Therefore, if you have been kind enough to think any of my blogs are worthy of a share on your timeline, you can now actually share them! I’ve changed all of them to public. In fact, I actually hope you do share my blogs, I have goals, and one of them is to grow my “likes.” I want to feel like the Sally Fields of blogging!!!

My accountant has reminded me this is not a hobby! Really, you mean people make money writing a blog? I can’t tell you how many people ask me that.  I guess I will find out over time.

One thing I know for sure, this has been a great ride.  Yes, I’ve travelled and for that I am grateful.  But my ordinary daily life is also rewarding and exciting.

This weekend I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre with my great friends.

Then the next day was spent with family visiting from Detroit.  They were staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (Think, Pretty Woman)…this wasn’t their car, but it’s just so Beverly Hills…I had to look it up.  It’s an Italian car…for a mere $1.3 million it could be yours!

When it’s all said and done, I’m so happy to just be home. Feet up, watching meaningless TV, flipping though my stack of catalogs, reheating some leftover meal. It’s all good!

It’s truly a slice of paradise.

Flowers, humming birds and the ever present squirrel!

And the tag line from Joseph…

Any Dream Will Do!