Tosin King James

Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on February 28th, from 1-2 PT is Tosin King James. He is the author of Soul-Fullness.

Let’s meet him.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Tosin is a true renaissance man.   He is a dramatist, screenplay writer, experienced journalist, talk show host, and producer.  To start with, he began writing when he was 12 and has had professional experiences in every genre of the literary arts.  Privately, he has been a keen researcher, student, and teacher of practical spirituality.

In 2010, Tosin gave up a regular lifestyle to spend seven years of solitude in remote places he calls ‘the wilderness.’ During this period, he deepened his relationship with the Guardians, Masters, Avatars, and other Forces that control the invisible universe.

As a result of his life experiences, he has expanded his one-on-one teaching of practical spirituality to a trilogy of self-help books. He is a proponent of using mind-body-spirit techniques to help individuals live a more conscious and creative life.



Tosin’s book, Soul-Fullness is a 21-day DIY program for spiritual healing, prophecy, dream study, inner guidance, and total mastery. He has spent the last 50 years in active exploration of mind-body-spirit techniques for wellness. During this time, Tosin has taught Soul-Fullness to thousands of people around the world.

Soul-Fullness is both the process and the essence of operating from the viewpoint of the Soul. As an example, since each one of us is a Soul, Soul-Fullness can be defined as seeing, hearing, and acting as Soul, our true identity. Acting in this way, adopting the Soul perspective in all things and situations. Subsequently, what happens we automatically bring awareness of certain innate power, creativity, and freedom that the mind, logic, culture, tradition, and society cannot give us. Soul-Fullness, the 21-day program, is a tool to assist us to become aware of our true nature and some of the privileges that come with that identity.

10 Key Principles.

During our podcast, Tosin will be sharing his 10-Key Principles and how to apply them. They include:

  1. Silence
  2. Show Them The Ropes
  3. Love and Right Action are Paramount
  4. Faith
  5. Discipline
  6. Parallel Universes
  7. The Lesson is for You
  8. You Can Change it
  9. Seek the Realm of the Saints
  10. Do Not Limit the Spirit.

Here is one of his favorite quotes and why:

“I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.  I am not a physical being having a spiritual experience.”

“This is the very foundation of Soul-Fullness. It’s a game-changer if you desire to live life with the most creativity, love, and happiness. As a spiritual being that we call Soul, you are able to meet the challenges of the body, mind, and emotions with as much detachment as possible so you can do your best and not be worried by the rest.”

In Closing.

Now more than ever, during these pandemic times many of us are re-examining our lives, setting priorities, and searching for happiness.  Get ready, Tosin will take us on an adventure through his teachings to explore these possibilities.

Tune in to hear his story.


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