Pamela Jane Nye

Joining me on Monday, May 10th, 1-2 PT on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast is Pamela Jane Nye. It is my honor to salute Pamela and the nurses in this country.

Let’s Meet Pamela.

Pamela Jane Nye is the CEO/Owner of Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd. and Founder/CEO and Executive Director of Operation Scrubs, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Pamela strives to elevate the knowledge of nurses in the area of brain disorders, diseases, and injury.  Neuroscience Nursing also provides hospital leadership with consultation and guidance to obtain and maintain stroke certifications at all levels. Considered an expert in her nursing field, Pamela is also a legal consultant for attorneys, hospitals.  She routinely volunteers in her community.  Pamela is also, an Associate Professor at UCLA School of Nursing. All generated business revenue is used to fund advanced Neuroscience Nursing scholarships.

Why does she feel so strongly about Nursing?

Her vision is to: “Shine a light for the American public to witness nurses’ contributions to the health of people of all ages, genders, cultures, and locations.”

Operation Scrubs.


As the CEO of Operation Scrubs, Pamela’s non-profit business is devoted to the education, honoring, and recognition of nurses through large symposiums and unique venues. As a result, the generated business revenue is used to fund advanced nursing education scholarships for working nurses.

We will be talking about her Thank-a Nurse Challenge during the celebration of National Nurses Week, May 6-12. The goal is a billion “thank yous” posted to the permanent virtual  “Nurses Wall of Gratitude” that starts on May 6th.

Here are the steps to do just that: Follow this link.

The Nurses Wall/Nurse=Thanking Registry

Scroll down to the visit Challenge Invitations.

Scroll down to Invited Challenge Teams.  Click on Team Pam 

Accept the Challenge. Then type your Thank You!

As a result of Covid-19, nurses have stepped into some unimaginable circumstances. Thank You!

When you think about your life, perhaps you too, have a nurse story.  I know I do.  Therefore, let’s all get on board and Thank a Nurse!!

Tune in to hear more.

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