Sandrine Cassidy & Deborah Gregory

Welcome to another episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, heard every Monday from 1-2 PT.  My guests on Monday, January 25th are Board Members of the Ballona Creek Renaissance.

Let’s Meet Sandrine Cassidy & Deborah Gregory.

Sandrine is a Sustainability Specialist working directly with cities, businesses, non-profits, and schools to create and implement programs in waste reduction, recycling maximization, energy and water conservation, pollution control, and green purchasing.

Sandrine’s philosophy has always been to help bring positive change in very concrete ways. She created a sustainable reusable bag company and advocated for the plastic bag ban in Los Angeles County. She is an active board member of Ballona Creek Renaissance, responsible for the regular creek clean up events and community outreach.

Helping improve our functional relationship with our environment is not just a professional mission for Sandrine, it is a personal passion.



Deborah Gregory grew up with a creek in her back yard and now lives on the Sepulveda Channel, which feeds into the Ballona Creek. She has many fond memories of hours spent enjoying the water and is proud to be a part of BCR to help spread the word about this great natural resource right in the middle of our large metropolis.
Deborah is the Director of Design and partner at DIGBAR, an Interior Design, and Architecture firm in Del Rey, which incorporates art and sustainability into its projects.



Ballona Creek Renaissance.

The Ballona Creek is a nine-mile-long flood control channel. It drains the Ballona Creek watershed, which covers approximately 130 square miles: from the Santa Monica mountains on the north to the Baldwin Hills on the south, and from the Harbor Freeway (110) on the east to eastern edge of Santa Monica. A paved service road for County maintenance vehicles runs along the westernmost seven miles, striped for a bike path.

Alone or in partnerships with others, their goals are to:

Educate students and adults about the ecology of the creek and the watershed.

Improve the health of the watershed, particularly for birds, other animals, and plants living in or near the creek and wetlands.

Demonstrate the value of using California native plants in our gardens.

Improve the appearance of the creek and recreational opportunities along the creek and adjacent areas.



There is a lot going on in this organization and I’m excited to share the great work they’re doing with you!

Tune in to hear their stories!

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