Shannon Addison

Shannon Addison will be my guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, October 16th from 1-2 PT. Shannon is the Owner/Creator of My Crumby World.  She is also an author.

Meet Shannon.

Shannon doesn’t consider herself a writer. She considers herself someone who likes to write and has been doing so for most of her life. When she was a child, writing was a way to conjure herself out of a bad mood by finding creative ways to express her anger or frustration.

Shannon finds inspiration for her writing through journaling. She believes this allows her to explore ideas without feeling any constraints. For Shannon, sitting in front of a computer to create a story places too big of an expectation on the finished product.   Writing in a journal allows her personality and experiences to come through and ultimately her authentic story. It is this love of journaling that reinforced Shannon’s concept of combining stories with journaling.  This is reflected in her Breadcrumbz Presents format. She believes that by getting girls to start journaling at a young age, it helps them to find ways to express what they are feeling, to address difficult questions, and to provide positive messaging.

Breadcrumbz Mission.

Raising girls has provided a lot of insight about what lessons are important during the most critical growth years. Today there are a lot of products on the market that promote self-esteem. However, not many that really target self-acceptance.

Throughout this journey with each of the Breadcrumbz, girls are not only shown how to acknowledge who they are with their own shortcomings or flaws, but are guided through a process that suggests how to embrace them and to celebrate the difference they make in their lives.


A world where a trail of Breadcrumbz leads to friendship, connection, and acceptance.  Shannan is launching a (first of its’ kind) interactive baking book and baking products line that provide tools necessary to learn how to connect while developing skills to bake.

Shannon’s Books.

My Crumby Guide to Failure is an entertaining new early reader and activity book takes on failing in a fun and meaningful way. Young girls will love reading and journaling while learning about self-empowerment, self-confidence, inclusion, kindness, and most of all–friendship. The perfect collection for today’s tricky times. Penelope Pumpernickel, Rachel Rye, Samantha Sourdough, Whitney Wheat. This clever quartet of friends are the feisty and fun main characters in a charming and entertaining new social and emotional learning book series for kids

 Coming Soon!


So much more to learn than just baking bread! In this book, Shannon writes about a world where a trail of Breadcrumbz leads to friendship, connection, and acceptance.

Even though you will be given the step by step process of baking different types of breads, including sourdough from a starter. This interactive book looks at the ingredients necessary for friendship, and the importance of apologizing to a friend when it is necessary to do so. So many great things inside of this book for parents, it’s not just for little ones!

In Closing.

“I believe that true beauty exists in those things that differentiate us from everyone else. Through the process of developing self-acceptance, we gain empowerment…using the strengths that make each of us unique.”

Shannon is passionate about making a difference. Tune in to hear why.

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