Dr. Dee Carroll

Thank you, Dr. Dee Carroll, for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.

Dr. Dee, Ph.D. is a speaker, coach, consultant, author & podcaster.  She spent 28-plus years in HR and Management, founded and led a multi-million-dollar firm, and holds degrees in psychology and business administration and management. A global powerhouse speaker, Dr. Dee delivers keynotes that are inspiring and empowering. Therefore she is able to propel audience members forward. She is renowned for using her incredible passion and captivating personal experience to support others as they move beyond what’s holding them back.

With her experience as a senior executive and entrepreneur, Dr. Dee has deep knowledge and skill in visioning and goal achievement, life/executive coaching, and workforce development.

Are you part of the O W E Club ?  Your Own Worse Enemy? Time to make a pivot and love yourself. She shares her tools to make it happen and to overcome your Fears.

Dr. Dee’s Takeaways.

-Fear and its impact on our lives.

-Ways to stop fear in its tracks.

-Why you should overcome your fears.

-Understanding whether it’s fear of failure or fear of success.

-Excuses and how they shape our lives.

-The importance of knowing who you are and where you are going.

In Closing.

If you have fearful times and you’re looking for some clues and suggestions to meet them head on, then you’ll want to listen to this podcast. The acronym, STOP has taken on it’s own special meaning!!

 Thank you, Dr. Dee for this inspiring conversation.

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