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The Divine Language of Coincidence—How Miracles Transformed My Life After I Began Paying Attention is a memoir that chronicles her spiritual journey and the miracles she has experienced. Too numerous to cram into one book, she plucked out the miracles related to death, which she has incorporated into her second book, Consciousness Beyond Death—True Stories of Signs, Messages, and Timing.

Sophia’s first book: The Divine Language of  Coincidence.


Sophia did not want to get married, have children, or write a book.  The Universe, however, had other plans. In this penetrating memoir, Sophia examines the events in her life that at first seemed to be a series of coincidences.  But upon further consideration were building blocks of the miraculous.

The Divine Language of Coincidence chronicles the extraordinary events experienced by an ordinary woman.  She is asserting that miracles are not only possible but far more common than we may realize.




In this book Sophia does not claim to be an expert on death. Nor, is it a book how sprituality mitigates death anxiety.  After compling coincidences and miracles she receive from her first book, she found that there were too many coincidences and miracles, she had experienced.

She began plucking out the events that thematically had to do with death.  But through the signs, messages, and and timing of beloved departed friends and family, they were communicating with her. Sophia believes that when someone who has died is in your thoughts and you receive a sign, perfectly timed, you are communicating with them. And conversely, is you come upomn a thing/song or poem that is associated with you loved ones, it brings them to mind, they are communicating with you.

Sophia’s Takeaways.

“I’ve been influenced by hundreds of people, starting with my parents. People influence me every single day. The people I have acknowledged here have had a profound impact on me, not only by their words but their actions. They practice what they preach with utter integrity and have led their lives for the good of others. They are examples of what we all should strive to be. I have been honored to have had personal interaction with all of them.”

In Closing:  The Power of Miracles.

“My aspiration is to share extraordinary events that happened in my life to inspire belief that miracles are real and that after-life communication is natural.”

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