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Thank you, Steven J.Manning, for joining me in this entertaining and informative Podcast on the Born To Talk Radio Show.


To begin with, Steven is the son of two Holocaust survivors, born and raised until his teens in Communist Romania. He speaks about how important his parents were growing up. He especially appreciates his mom, and also how his wife has taught him how to live.

Steven is an internationally known marketing executive and business leader, author, public speaker, and consultant.   He is credited with the origination of prominent creative and empirical concepts. Especially targeting database concepts, media strategies, promotional concepts, and decision-making predictive modeling techniques. They are widely used today in the marketing world. He is acknowledged to be among the most important consumer database developers and owners in the history of direct response.

How did his background shape the philosophies of his life? You will hear all about that along with his book.



Pimps Whores and Patrons of Virtue

This is a provocative title, that will catch everyone’s eye with wonderment.  His book is a kaleidoscope of poignant and entertaining satires, anecdotes, and essays. Along with ideologies about the human condition and spirit in all its spellbinding complexity. It is fueled by humor, inquisition, and inspiration, balanced by the reality of life.

Steven’s Takeaways.

My Philosophies of life. 

“I have led an experience-rich life. I have traveled a few million miles, life miles, and then in those remarkable flying pressurized sardine cans. Although oxygen is indispensable to life, it is the observation that enriches it.

I fancy myself an astute observer of people and life. I express my observations and convictions as a storyteller, satirist, and provocateur.

I think I am betraying my life if I don’t say and write what I think, and not do that honestly and bluntly.

These are the guiding precepts I live by. They are permanently on my invisible Teleprompter.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Life without passion is not a life worth living.

Seek knowledge and wisdom all the time, everywhere, from everyone.

Inventory new knowledge every day.

The world is an elaborately staged tragicomedy. You must find your role in it. Script it and direct it yourself.”

Steven’s Pillars of Success.

“Yes! Adopt and leverage the single most important word in life and business.

Never consider failure an option.

Do homework, exhaustive homework. Become a shameless researcher.

Out-work and out-think everybody else.”

Advice from Steven:

“How to get through an ordinary day: love, humor, labor, tolerance, thoughtfulness, and a valiant attempt at balance.”

In closing.

As a result of such humble beginnings, how did Steven create a life of success and satisfaction? 

What can you learn from his philosophies and pillars of success that you could incorporate into your life?


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