Thirst Project with Luke Romick & Evan Wesley



Thanks to my guests Luke Romick and Evan Wesley from the Thirst Project  for  joining me today on the  Born To Talk Radio Show

It was an inspiring show starting with how and why the Thirst Project, began with CEO Seth Maxwell. He realized as a 19-year-old college student that there was a global water crisis and he and his college friends jumped into action 10 years ago. That’s a great story.

I appreciated how both Luke and Evan brought their own gifts and talents to Thirst Project and how and why they became a part of the Thirst Project nonprofit.

After identifying the crisis and understanding as Luke so eloquently stated, next to air, water is the most important part of living that we all need to survive; the question then becomes, how do you build a water project that will be sustainable?  This is a key component. You will hear about this in the show.

What makes this organization so vital and important is the focus on the high school and college students that are learning about the serious need for clean, safe water, and mobilizing them to be part of the solution. This is a movement of young people raising millions of dollars to build wells in 13 countries, while currently working on 5 more. These wells are as much as 250-300 feet deep and can provide up to 300-500 people water. 

This young boy is walking with a jerry can containing 5 gallons of water weighing 44 lbs. Sometimes they will carry 2 at a time while walking as many as 3 miles or more each way to gather water. It takes many hours to accomplish that. Once clean, safe water can be brought to their villages, the time they spent carrying water can be time spent going to school. This is clearly a human rights issue.

The Thirst Project is the world’s leading youth water activism organization.

By visiting their website you will learn about the different ways you can support the Thirst Project. 

100% of the money collected goes directly to building wells. 

Maybe you would like to start a fundraising campaign in your community. You can learn more about that on their website or maybe you would like to be a volunteer. Check that out too. There is going to be a Legacy Summit at Pepperdine University, in Malibu from July 19th-21th. More information will be available about that in the coming weeks.

Thank you once again for making this show so special by sharing the stories about the outstanding work you are doing!

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