Tosin King James

Thank you Tosin King James, for joining me today on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.


Tosin King James is a teacher and a proponent of using mind-body-spirit techniques to help individuals live a more conscious and creative life.

In 2010, he gave up a regular lifestyle to spend seven years of solitude in remote places he calls the “wilderness.”  During this period, he deepened his relationship with the Guardians, Masters, Avatars, and other Forces that control the visible and invisible universes. Through his books, conferences, lectures, and digital media, Tosin shares his experiences with the world. Here is a link to purchase his book, Soul-Fullness.

As you will hear, a universal word in our conversation is “harmony.”  And you will understand a definition of  “hu man”  in a way you may never have thought or heard before.

In his own words.

“I hope my readers will be able to use the 21-day program to transform their lives. So many people have used the same program to embrace their hidden greatness. This is the third edition. We used the two previous editions to fine-tune and streamline the program. We also used them to get people’s experiences from across the globe – from Australia to Italy; from Nigeria to Canada.

We have seen that irrespective of your culture, religion, nationality, or race, the program has the potential of helping the human being perform better, achieve inner peace, be more productive, and, above all, achieve what I call ‘sustainable happiness.’

There are so many challenges in our modern world that most people can barely feel, think, and act human. So, we all need something that can take us above the realm of the ordinary so we can achieve extraordinary goals.

Some people have turned to drugs to help them rise above the challenges. Unfortunately, drugs only compound the problem. They have damaging side effects. In fact, what they do is expose the user to the more destructive side of human nature. You can call it the shadow that is always lurking around. Drugs thrust you into the hands of the shadow without any protection or redeeming agency.

Soul-Fullness, on the other hand, gives you the keys to the inner room where all the beautiful riches are stored. These riches have been waiting on you, latent since you were born. My sincere hope is that every reader can climb the ladder at least a rung higher on their journey to greatness.”

Tosin’s Takeaways.

Soul-Fullness, the 21-day program gives you an easy and sure route to harmonizing the material and spiritual parts of yourself. The simple but practical techniques, principles, and stories will help you take that bold steps to begin tapping from the endless reservoir of creative powers within you. There is more love, more fun, more happiness, more confidence, and fulfillment when we operate consciously from the Fullness of Soul.”

Live your life in harmony!

I have begun my 21-day program today. 

 Purchase his book and begin yours too!


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