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Joining me from 1-2 PT on January 3rd on the  Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast is Walter Wolf Founder of The Right Rehab and author of The Right Rehab.

Let’s Meet Walter.

Walter Wolf is the pen name for a 30-year veteran of the entertainment industry producing studio & independent films and television on location throughout the U.S. and worldwide.  Due to his family’s journey through addiction and eventual recovery, he began receiving a multitude of calls asking for help from individuals and families also hit by the same scourge. It was then that Walter witnessed the need for a neutral navigator to guide the uninitiated through the confusing world of addiction. This included treatment, insurance coverage, and the various aspects of recovery.

The Right Rehab.  Interventions & Treatment Placement

In 2015, Walter started consulting full-time with licensed behavioral health professionals and those hit by addiction and/or mental disorders. He began by placing those afflicted into treatment programs throughout the U.S. that best fit the individual’s diagnosis and profile.  Coming to him strictly through word-of-mouth, his clients are referred to him through former clients, therapists, physicians, hospital ERs, police and fire departments, HR executives, and rehabs just to name a few.

Their Mission: “When an addiction or mental illness crisis hits your family, The Right Rehab knows your options. From choosing the right rehab — sober escort to rehab — interventions — defense attorneys — and year-long case management, we present and execute the options that best fit YOU.”



This work led to Walter’s newly released book, The Right Rehab.  From Intervention to Recovery.

Walter details the path for those in need of the right treatment and how to avoid falling prey to the hustlers and imposters in the $42 billion a year treatment industry.

In this case, how did he know what to do? Because he’s been there. His purpose is to shorten the learning curve for the vulnerable, terrified, and uninitiated families. And to find the right treatment plan and the Right Rehab.

To summarize, is there the right fit for everyone?  Are there obstacles along the way?


In Closing.

In conclusion, how did Walter go from a Hollywood producer to an interventionist?


Walter wants you to know:

“If it’s one lesson my experience with the carnage of addiction and mental illness has taught me: there has to be one, trusted, independent source that explains all the treatment options available when you are at your most vulnerable time.”

Tune in to learn more.

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