Welcome Back South Bay Stories Show

Join me on Friday, March 22nd starting at 12:00 PT.  In addition to my regular Monday show, I’m having a special edition of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, with Jim Mueller, Producer, and Curator of the South Bay Stories Show along with three of the eight storytellers.




Jim Mueller is making his fifth appearance on my show! I’ve appreciated all of his contributions. This show will be an opportunity for you to hear about why he thinks storytelling is important to share from the stage.  His motto is “True Stories of the People” and “When the community hears the stories of the people, the community draws closer.”






Meet John Gran. The title of John’s story is “I Am Not Vladimir Putin!” Just a bit about John.  He serves on the Redondo Beach City Council and is a member of the Redondo Kiwanis Service Club. John’s primary focus is giving back to the community.





Meet Judy Francis.  The title of Judy’s story is “Am I Black or White?” Judy is a former State Department Diplomat and retired from her law profession. Most recently she started the Judith Francis Kindergarten in Ayeldu, Ghana, West Africa.







Meet Russell Boschetto.  The title of Russell’s story is “Feed Them All.”  Russell like Jim is not new to my radio show. This marks his fourth appearance on my show. Russell is the CEO of Share Hope USA, that started nearly four years ago, when his son Symond, age 8 realized that providing hope, compassion, and kindness was a way to nourish the souls of the homeless and sick children.

Where and When.

Each storyteller will be presenting their stories at the 2nd Story Theater in Hermosa Beach for two performances March 30th and 31st.   Our show today will give you a glimpse into their stories and why they want to be a storyteller.

What’s Your Story?Conversations + Connections = Community

Contact me if You have a Story you’d like to share. Marsha@borntotalkradioshow.com