Carol DeWitt, an Intuitive Kinesiologist

 Join me and my guest, Carol DeWitt, on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, Monday, October 22nd from 1-2 PT.

Carol has a background in muscle and bodywork.  In 1995 she was published in the Touch for Health Journal for her presentation, Spiritual Growth Through Kinesiology.

She practices a unique form of Kinesiology which is specialized because it combines several forms of healing practices.  She calls her work Intuitive Kinesiology.  She has helped countless people and animals find an ease of living through her method.

A belief that the body can heal itself if given a safe platform, has kept her work alive for 30+ years.  Although semi-retired she still sees clients on a regular basis and does distance work over the phone and text. Her work has evolved as society and technology have continued a sophisticated climb.  So Intuitive Kinesiology continues to grow.

I have always been interested how the mind and body work together. We will be talking about what Kinesiology means and how it forms a bridge between the body and mind by working through the nervous system to access where issues live. 

I’ve spoken with Carol prior to our scheduled show.  We share a special bond because I am not only interested in her subject, but also her son Russell Boschetto and his family have become part of my family.

Both Russell and his son Symond have been on my show more than once talking about Share Hope USA. He made the connection and suggestion that I call his mom, Carol, knowing how much we both enjoy a great conversation. Isn’t this what my show is all about each week?

I’m looking forward to Carol sharing her information and stories with you.

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