Let’s visit Dock 52 in Marina Del Rey

How often do you give yourself the time to just breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the outdoors? Come along with me. Let’s visit Dock 52. Because it doesn’t take much time for me to be near the water, the opportunities for seeing what’s going on at my favorite locations gives me a chance to regenerate and energize. If you have an eye for photography, I encourage you to get outside to see what you can see.

I have a few places that I visit regularly. Dock 52, is a launching area for the local fishing boats to pick up their passengers. I come here to see what else is there.  Because these boats have bait, they draw a nice group of visitors including this sea lion, enjoying a lazy sunny afternoon.






While the graceful sea lion enjoys its swim, it’s the pelicans that really speak to me. They sit comfortably, even when their bodies seem awkward at times. 






The pelicans aren’t the only game in town. Egrets hang out here as well.  Talk about a bad hair day!! 




They can even get along well with one another!

They are also joined on any given day by the great blue heron. Get ready for your close up!.

Are you wondering if the pigeons show up for the tour?  Why yes they do, but not always the variety you may be used to seeing. Check out these beauties.

How can you be by the water and not see a seagull, that’s where they get their name, right?!

 Dock 52 has a special place in my memory bank. Many years ago, this is where we launched our boat. Now, it’s a place of peace and understanding with the beauty of the water birds, just doing what they do. I love it!


If you look real close to the Dock 52 sign, you’ll not only see the seagull but also another kind of “bird” in the upper right-hand corner.  I live very close to Los Angeles International Airport.

I hope you enjoyed my trip to Dock 52, next time I think I’ll take you on a photo journey to Fisherman’s Village in Marina Del Rey, just another loop in my search for those sea lions, pelicans, egrets, pigeons and seagulls!

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