Catherine Graham

Thank you Catherine Graham for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  Catherine is the Founder of The Financial Aid Shop and Creator of  The Financial Aid Formula.

The Financial Aid Shop & The Financial Aid Formula.


For Families.

Today with costs up to $100,000 for a public college & $300,000 for a private college, families may be asking these questions:

  • How much is college really going to cost?
  • And can we afford it?
  • Have we saved enough?
  • Can we afford to go into student loan debt?

Now what?  For many, reality sets in. Worry and Stress. Fear and Guilt.  Denial or Paralysis.   This is where the Financial Aid Shop can help to educate and inform you.

On their website, you can Download Your Free Guide:

5 College Planning Steps to Get Financial Aid & Scholarships and graduate from college debt-free.

 For Schools.

If you work at a school. Consider complimenting your College and Career Services.  Educate your students and their families for financial aid success before their senior year in high school. Wouldn’t it be great if college counselors and teachers were able to counsel students rather than teach them college financial aid basics?   What would a counselor’s day look like if their students and parents already had their financial aid training before their senior year?

For Organizations.

There are several ways for businesses and non-profit organizations to partner with The Financial Aid Shop.

One is Adding “Added Value” benefits for employees. Another is the Financial Aid Literacy Programs for members or clients.


The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers is an easy to digest online course designed to help families plan for and navigate the entire college financial aid process with the goal of going to college debt-free. Catherine provides 18 videos, workbooks, and worksheets designed to reduce the worry and stress.

Some Takeaways.

In going through the process of discovery, you will learn what your EFC numbers are, Expected Family Contribution.

The course work is relevant to parents, grandparents, or anyone willing to learn how to provide for college expenses.

How has the Covid-19 affected loan payments?

What is the recommended thinking about considering a community college if you have already been accepted to a four-year college or university?

Can you get a break in paying back a student loan right now? Will there be additional interest tacked on?

What does the Gap Year mean?

These questions and strategies are part of our show with the details available for you to learn more on Catherine’s website.

I just want to give a shout out to Catherine’s South Bay Business Women’s Association. Catherine serves on the Scholarship Committee. They provided six scholarships to deserving students to pursue their education. Each scholarship recipient earns money towards their educational goals whether just starting their college education or continuing their path to new opportunities.

Maybe you are part of an organization that would like to do the same. Reach out to Catherine for more details.


​​Do you have a Financial Aid Question or need some coaching to ensure you get the most financial aid? Catherine offers a complimentary Financial Aid Q &A and Coaching call every Thursday on Zoom from 6-7 PM. Simply register right here on her website link.

You will find this a very informative show. College graduation may be the next family reality!

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