David Blu…Art of Self Regulation

On April 6th, my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast will be featuring David Blu from 1-2 PT. David is the creator of  Art of Self Regulation

Who is David Blu?

The Elite Athlete.

Throughout his life, David has learned how to push the mental and physical limits of his body in order to become a great athlete. As an example, he achieved great success in basketball as a student-athlete with his teams in high school and in college, as well as with international professional teams in the Euroleague. His determination and intentions set him on a pathway to success.

Seeker of Knowledge.

David has been highly influenced by Bruce Lee, the monks from the Shaolin Temple in China as well as Gautama Buddha and Paramahansa Yogananda.  He has educated himself in physical and spiritual practices used to move healing energy through the human body using breath mastery and intention.

Teacher and Inspirational Speaker.

David travels the country inspiring people with his personal story and self-regulation course.  His intention is to inspire people of all ages to better care for themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The information and practices he provides to students are applicable to all human beings who seek ways to improve their quality of life.

The Show Takeaways.

In this show, we will be talking about these three categories:

Self Knowledge:  What does that mean?  What are the benefits?

Respiratory System:  Why is it important to know about the respiratory system?  How can we improve it?

Nutrition:  What is the difference between diet and nutritional habits? What can we be eating right now to help our immune system?

Above all, David’s energy is contagious, his passion is real and his desire to make a difference is paramount.  In this case, there isn’t a better time than right now to make a few simple changes in your lifestyle. 

Words Matter! Action Counts!

Let’s Start Now.

 Take a few deep breathes, sit in stillness, be mindful, be kind to yourself, and pour yourself a cup of tea.

This will be an inspiring show!

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