David Blu presents the Art of Self Regulation

Thanks, to my guest David Blu for providing us his life experiences and why he created his Art of Self Regulation program.  In these troubling times in our world, it’s helpful to know how to strengthen our physical and mental health.


David takes us on his personal journey as a young boy who loved the sport of basketball and how he turned all of his experiences on and off the court to become the man he is today.  David’s life has been filled with many ups and downs and like all lessons, if you are willing to learn from those experiences you grow stronger. Now he shares his passion for his new adventure as the Creator of his program, Art of Self Regulation.


Self Knowledge. 

It’s important to know the structure and function of our human body.  If you lack awareness, you can’t correct what you don’t know. We achieve empowerment by learning how to be advocates of our own health and wellness. When you know what’s happening inside your own body you can participate in your own healing, whether it’s physical or mental.  Reducing the inflammation in our bodies is another important factor he talked about.


David describes our respiratory system. Lungs can become weak with neglect or strengthened through mindful breathing practices with intention. Breathing is the link between our body and mind as is taught in Yoga. Stress causes shallow breathing, resulting in constricting our lungs. David tells us about some breathing techniques that you could begin today. Deep inhales allows our body to fully exchange incoming oxygen with outgoing carbon dioxide. The result, it slows the heartbeat, stabilizes blood pressure and reduces the level of cortisol in our body. Cortisol is the stress hormone.  Stress is the number one cause of illness and disease. There is no better time to reduce the stress in our lives than now.


It was interesting to hear David’s definition of diet versus nutritional habits.  Food is a foundation for health and wellness. He mentioned that our body has an internal pharmacy and that food is not a one size fits all.  Do you know the difference between alkaline and acidic foods? Here are some examples of both:

Alkaline foods include: sweet potatoes, root vegetables, pumpkin seeds, dark green vegetables, and lentils.

Acidic foods include:  red meat, alcohol, processed food, dairy, and sugar.

Listen to hear why this is important?

As you can see, this show provides some “food for thought” on how you can consider making some lifestyle changes to live a healthy life.

To Learn More.

David’s website will provide you terrific resources, including his blogs, and videos demonstrating some breathing techniques.




You can see in his face and body language a fierce determination from his days as a professional athlete.  Now he takes that same passion of living a life of physical self-regulation by mindful breathing and nutritional habits, in the pursuit of long-term goals including health and wellness.





Thank you, David.  You continue to have a profound positive effect on my life.

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