Thank You Sandra Porter Fisher, Robby Flournoy & Leisha Stroud

I hope you enjoyed today’s Born To Talk Radio Show with Sandra Porter Fisher, Robby Flournoy and Leisha Stroud. Education was our clear focus. You can Listen Now today’s show if you missed the live broadcast.


It’s wonderful to realize and respect the importance of teachers.  They often hold the key of influencing our future by their dedication and skills.


While you listened, did you reflect on your own experiences? Was there a special teacher that made a difference in your life or the life of your child?

I have teachers in my family and I know how dedicated they were and are to their students. They never “leave the office” because their day doesn’t end when the buses pull away from school. They may go to work when it’s dark outside and leave when it’s dark outside. Those school supplies are often supplemented by their wallet.

Often times teachers become the mom or dad to students that need that extra hand and support. It was an honor to share the stories of Sandra, Robby and Leisha with you today.

I hope you felt inspired. Perhaps you might consider volunteering at your local school. I know that my many years as a volunteer, shaped my life to this day.  Support the schools in your community. Be an advocate everyone wins! 

Join me again next week for another episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show.

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