Dean Smith and the Civil War

The Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast with Dean Smith is an excellent example of passion and commitment.

Dean’s Story.

Why late in life did Dean find the Civil War so interesting? You’ll have to listen in for that answer.

Could it be his late, great great grandfather? His name was George Washington and you guessed it, his wife’s name was Martha. Let me be clear, not President George Washington. Let’s add to his story…

Coincidentally Dean attended George Washington High School in Los Angeles, and he and his great great grandfather were both born on the same day! The things you learn, talking to a friend!!

Our Conversation includes…

Dean has been the President of the Civil War Round Table for 7 years.  Hear about their objectives and presentations.

As Commander of the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War at General W. S. Rosecrans Camp 2, you will hear about the exciting connections to students that are part of the JROTC. You can certainly hear Dean’s passion for this program and why it is so meaningful to him.

Lastly, he shares his connections with the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum

For those of you living or visiting the Los Angeles area, you might want to check out their upcoming free event that Dean mentioned:

Don’t Miss the Event of the Year: Drum Barracks Civil War Technology Fair

  • Saturday, June 22, 11 am thru 4 pm – FREE EVENT
  • Blacksmith, Artillery and Cavalry Demonstrations
  • Interactive Displays on the Telegraph, Civil War Printing, Air Balloon Corps, Wet-Plate Photography, and the Railroad
  • Lectures, Self-Guided Tours, Children’s Passport to Technology Activity and Gigantic Book Sale
  • 1052 N. Banning Boulevard, Wilmington, CA 90744

Dean Smith is humble when he speaks of his involvement, but make no mistake, his dedication runs deep and his leadership is a valuable resource to each organization he supports. Listen in to his stories!!

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